My neurology consultant has suggested that I do something to stimulate my brain, following its trauma, something I haven’t really done before, so that it’s not memory I’m stimulating, something altogether new. Being as I work with computers on a daily basis, I have never really been
involved with websites, blogging or anything like that, so I thought “why not”, I’ll be learning something new, and it gives me a silent crowd to mumble at. Perhaps writing down my thoughts on here, in much the same way I kept a journal whilst I was away travelling, might help me to make sense of everything…..? Or maybe not! Perhaps a good platform to rant from about the daily grind, more likely though, the motorists who make my daily commute into work on the push iron more like running a gauntlet! Either way, it could be an interesting experiment!

I have posted a back dated article as my first post, posing as if written the day after Critical Mass last month, the reality is though, I have just written it now…… On the 30th of June, I was lying in a hospital bed in the MRI, recovering from a pretty serious set of injuries, four weeks before I was due to be married! No need to ask, no, I wasn’t very popular! I spent three nights there, all of it a bit of a blur, but I suppose that goes with the territory when you are dosed up on Morphine, and you’re trying to recover from a serious brain injury. Right now, I have very little recollection of what happened right now, I’m hoping over the coming months some of it may come back to me. Right now though, I was in the park after Critical Mass, then I woke up in hospital, what happened in between I only now from second hand accounts…….

The worst of it? Forget the broken ribs and the road rash….. The skull fracture and brain bleed? Can’t even feel that. Yeah the collar bone make me feel sick to the stomach if I move it…… the worst of it though is looking into the eyes of your future wife and seeing the pain, hurt and worry looking back at you…… Knowing you have caused it, and that, let’s be honest, it could have been avoided. I’m not sure that’s a vision I will ever get out of my mind. Perhaps that’s a good thing. Maybe it’s time to grow up…….

So it’s been two weeks, i have a long way to go…..

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