Back in work, and back on the commuter!

Been back in work a couple of weeks now, eight weeks I was out, back on the fixie as well, you know what they say about falling off a horse!? I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about getting back on the bike it happened on, I almost took my all weather bike, but the sun was shining and I just
figured, “gotta get on it sooner or later”…… I don’t know what I was expecting, but I felt nothing, zip, dada….. It was just nice to be back on the bike with the sun shining!

It was weird being back in work though, I felt like a stranger, luckily the college is still on holiday, so it’s only a skeleton crew of staff in. Not sure how I’d have coped with everyone there, it would have been full on! They had some hired help in to cover me during the time I was away, and he’d properly taken up residence in my office, it almost didn’t feel like my own anymore!

So whereas I thought getting back on the bike may have been my hurdle, it was actually slotting myself back into the work environment I had most issue with! The neurologist did suggest that this might be quite a big deal for me, although at the time, I couldn’t really imagine why, in fact I still can’t, I just had this overwhelming sense of unease.

Anyway, good to know that I’m healed enough to ride a bike again, not sure if I’m ready to head out off-road yet, my collar bone still aches quite significantly, and I dread to think what would happen if I was to bang my head right now, so I think I will stick to getting my strength back
commuting for the time being. The roads are nice and quiet right now being as the schools are all on summer holiday still, so I should make the most of it whilst the sun shines!

My new Deda Dritto bars on the Parkes are nice by the way, I bent the old ratty ones I had on, so it was a justifiable purchase! I could do with a new saddle really, less easy to justify!!

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