First time off road since the skull fracture!

Right then, another hurdle, back on the mountain bike, and the weather reminded me what it was all about! I haven’t been putting this off or anything, just one thing and another has delayed my return….. In fairness though, I wasn’t in any rush, my collar bone being of great concern to me being one of the most commonly broken bones amongst bikers, and the memory of the pain still so fresh in my mind.

Rob called it, a meander in the peaks round Ladybower, nothing major, a bit of fun with the boys, and as it turns out, we ended up riding round a side of Ladybower I’ve never pedalled before. There was some
contention over the route choice, but largely the mass was pretty happy, and pretty chilled with the pace. We didn’t really get involved with too much climbing, having parked in the first car park before you get to Fairholmes (sk 180 884) and heading up Hagg side the usual way, the first taste of gravity was coming down the old faithful S-bends to Hagg farm. Before I knew it, I had quite a pace on and was holding my own with the boys……. Psychological healing begins! 🙂

Back down on the A57, big grins all round, no moments, dry trail, all good! We headed down to the water and rather than doing the usual
push up the “Thing”, as I just said, we stayed low and headed round the
reservoir. Was nice, half way round the lake we found a little kicker that Rob and Jimbo had a little play on, didn’t really amount to much though, couldn’t get enough speed up on the flat.

Eventually we climbed up onto Winhill from the other end of the reservoir, great views but the weather was starting to come in. We made our way back over to Hope Cross eventually picking up the more familiar Roman road, and carried on to have a pop at the Roman road descent back down to the A57, one of my favourites, but also legendarily fierce, a true test of mettle! It was now pretty wet, so it was never going to be a full bore attempt, but we cleaned it pretty sweet….. More grins all round!

The rest of the route followed the norm, crossing back over the road and climbing past Rowlee farm back up the other side of the valley to Woodcock Coppice and heading north across the top of the plantation for the last descent (with no name!) to Derwent reservoir, through the trees fast and dark, always ends the Ladybower routes with a smile, finishing up at Fairhomes for a brew with the ducks!

It’s good to be back on the mountain bike……. And in one

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