Back in the saddle again!

Didn’t want to leave it too long before I got out again, so with only a week’s work interruption, we hit out to Llandegla, granted, the car
park may be full of Audis and On-Ones, but it’s a straight up trial centre,
great for all weather and good for getting back in the game! Techincally it was my birthday ride as well, always a good excuse to get out and get dirty!

It was a cold, damp start, but a lazy, cold, damp start, with nothing short of a fuzzy head to show the previous evenings frivolities! That being the case, we were struggling for a parking spot when we got to the trail centre, but we got one.

No one was in any rush to get ready, it’s only a 21k route, and the café in the visitors centre is always a temptation at the start of a ride, as is the bike shop, but we resisted on this occasion, and after a lot of faffing and a good dose of banter, we hit the Red route, with a view to bagging all the Black runs on route.

It’s great ‘degla, if you haven’t been, you really must, sure…. It’s all man made and lacking in unpredictability of natural trail riding, but on the other hand, it’s predictable, because it’s all man made! Sometimes you wanna just hit a trail hard and know how your bike is going to respond to it, because you’ve done it loads of times before, and you know how the bike flows on it, it’s taking that element of unpredictability away allowing you to relish the experience a little more, safe in the knowledge that you know it all works, because it does! It’s also great to ride in the wet…..

The first climb is a long but gentle job, giving you time to catch up with your mates whilst warming up, and blowing the cobwebs of the night before out. As you near the top you traverse a little on beautifully
sculpted singletrack through the top of the tree line, which with the added back drop of a blue sky, looks stunning, today was overcast!

A huge berm spits you back out onto the fire road, and after a short breather, head down into the first descent, nowt to sing about here, as
the Blue and Red haven’t split yet, but at the bottom, peel of left and the
descent begins to resemble something of grin material! Peel off left again
where the black arrow tells you, and suddenly we have big table tops to play with! :)From here on in, the trail is littered with Black and Red sections that are a whole lot of fun, be it a hardtail or full-sus XC bike you are riding.

Small bursts of climbing keep you elevated, but there doesn’t feel to be another major climb for a while. Of course there is another, once you’ve exhausted all the Black section, it’s time to make your way back up the hill……

The route back continues to throw up some great single track action, and a few more sections downhill that keep the buzz alive! Rolling back into the trail centre, there are power washers, normally with a queue, especially on a damp day like today, and then the obligatory cup of tea and snacks served up by a harem of smiling young girls!

Good day, and no offs! 🙂

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