First ride of 2010…..

It’s always a bit sporadic around this time of year, isn’t it? What with bouts of severe weather, Christmas itself, birthdays….. The riding is good though, often the skies are blue, mix it up with a bit of snow, all wrapped up in your winter gear, yeah! It’s always an added bonus getting out for the first ride of a New Year as well, thoughts of what the year ahead may hold, routes you’ll ride, time with the lads…..

So we landed in Fairholmes car park, bright and early on a crisp morning, no clear lan, nothing agreed, and kitted up, the usual banter rife! Heading out of the ar park, we looked across at the base of the damn, and someone struck off in hat direction….. didn’t notice who, but someone had made a decision and that as fine with me!

Dan had a mechanical early doors, sommat wrong with his front mech….. My hydraulics were frozen again, really need to bleed them boys up! Once Dan was right, we carried on our way, chatting, ribbin Jimbo a bit over his weekend’s antics, the usual! 😉

We headed up Grindle Clough, past High House onto Derwent Moors, with spectacular blue sky views of the frost covered landscape, and a view drifts of snow to play in on the way! It was good riding, the ground as hard as ice, but not too slippy, thoughts of crashing were far from my mind!

The descent down Ladybower tour always gives you something to think about, it is very steep, and you feel pretty exposed, but it’s fun. Once back down on the A57 we crossed the bridge and picked up the A6013 for a few hundred yards to the Yorkshire Bridge turn off and followed the lanes up to Aston, making our way onto Winhill and eventually picking up the Roman road up to Hope Cross.

We then followed our old favourite, the Roman road downhill to the A57, crossing over and up past Rowlee farm up to Woodcock coppice, same as last month, across the top of Gores Plantation and down the descent with “no name”, rolling back into fairholmes along the road, happy, for a cup of tea and a cake!

It’s a great little route, about 25km, shown here in blue……



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