Bathroom renovations and recycling…

So with a deadline sometime in June for our pending arrival, jobs around the house have taken something of a precedent, leaving the only time for two wheels being the time to get to and from work! 😦

Ah well, it’s a job I’ve been putting off for quite some time, and one which ultimately be pleasing to have ticked off the rather extensive “jobs to do list”!

It has made me think though about this throw away culture that we live in…. I ripped the room back to its bare brick, and whenever i do jobs like this, at the fore front of my mind is the essence of trying to re-use anything that i can. So the bath, for example, got a momentary new lease of life as a beer cooler! 🙂

Seriously though, the door arrangement was heath-robinson, i guess originall the bathroom didn’t have a toilet in it, as there is another one downstairs, but someone had squeezed one in with a full size bath and a washbasin, leaving no room for an in swinging door….. Rubbish!

Being as my Dad had just turned his bathroom and toilet into one room, he had a spare (small) door spare, of the same period as the house, which when dipped and stripped of its paint, looked fantastic, restoring some of the character of the house. OR, i could have just gone and bought an MDF one from the local hardware store and cut it down…. With a bit of thought, and a little recycling, the world is a better place and so is my bathroom….. Well, it will be when it’s finished!

It’s probably a good job I’ve  not been out mountain biking, I’ve been bathing over the kitchen sink for the last week, whilst the shower/bath is out of action! Not an ideal scenario if you walk through the door dripping in mud, which is par for the course at this time of year!

Anyway, hopefully in the coming weeks i’ll get back out on the bike and have something to write about, other than DIY and recycling, though it was a tenuous link at best!!

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