1 year on….. Black Friday!

It’s one year to the day since the accident that prompted me to start this blog. One year ago today, i was sat at this desk, in front of this computer, probably on Facebook as opposed to this blog, completely oblivious to the fact that at the end of the night, i would be lying in a hospital bed with a severe case of road rash, broken ribs, a broken collar bone, a fractured skull and a major brain bleed!

From now on, i will refer to this day as:

Looking back on it now, my life (and attitudes) have changed rather a lot since then, perhaps the pending birth of my first child has something to do with it, perhaps getting married 4 weeks after the incident may also have a bearing on it, whatever it is, a different man stands before you now!

I guess you could say my life has changed rather dramatically since that fateful evening, and the way I approach things in life may have been subtly  affected, but more importantly….. How has it affected my riding!?

Well, I can honestly say, hand on heart, that out on the commuter shooting the gaps in the traffic, very little has changed (I’ve mellowed in traffic over recent years anyway), but quite simply, I still have no real recollection of the accident, so I have no mental association with what happened to being on a bicycle. The only thing that does play on my mind is the collar bone, I have found myself more apprehensive on turns when the conditions are anything less than bone dry, being as it is a common break amongst cyclist going down. I promised my wife around the time we got married that I would no longer ride if the roads were icy, but that said, first week back in work after Christmas when the thermometer read +2, a patch of ice awarded me a load speed off!

Off the road though, I dunno, I haven’t been out as much as I would normally anyway, but I just haven’t found that last ounce of speed I used to enjoy, or perhaps it just feels different for whatever reason. The collarbone haunts me though, nagging at me with every turn and technical section, just waiting for me to get it wrong, so I go slower, so I don’t! I dunno, maybe I’m being harsh on myself, I’m certainly not slowing the others down, but something just doesn’t feel the same……

Give it time they say, how does the saying go, about getting back in the saddle…………?

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