Peaks – First riding as a father! :)

So soon after the arrival of the newest member of our family, I didn’t think I was going to be getting out anytime soon, but I got the green light, and one of our number who only rides once in a blue moon was also tipped for making a show! We were on! …..the only issue, Paul’s bike was rotting in a Sheffield cellar somewhere, “No bother” I say, I’ll bring two! And with that, I packed the wife’s car and headed to the hills!

It was a lovely day, but the trails were wet, I rode the On-One and I let Paul have the Heckler, we are similar weights so the shock setup was fine.

We parked up in the first car park on the left on the road to Fairholmes, the one we regularly use, kitted up and headed straight up the hill above Hagg side over to Hagg farm, down the S-bends to the A57, cross over, last little downhill section to the river and cross over for the push up the “Thing” (You can see where this is going can’t you?!)

At Hope Cross, swing a right, and traverse across to Blackley Clough, setting up for the DH assault on the Roman Road back down to the A57. Climb back up the other side of the valley past Rowlee Farm and on back to Hagg Farm for the traverse across the top of Nabs Wood before finishing off a lovely morning down the descent with “no name”!

It was a top ride, ace seeing Paul again, it’s too infrequent, but with two children, I can’t imagine how difficult it is to find the time, the last fortnight has been a bit of an eye opener! Question is though, did it change the way I ride!? Has becoming a father made me slower!? Well, it didn’t feel like that coming down the Roman Road, not in the slightest. If I’m honest though, and I have probably said this countless times already, I think the knock on the head last June might have slowed me down to an extent, anyway, I’m not about to dwell on it, i’ve just had a top ride with two top mates! That’s why I do it, it’s nowt to do with going fast! (honest!)

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