New saddle for the commuter

Everyone wants a Brooks in their collection!

….Or was it just me!? C’mon, there can’t be a cyclist alive who doesn’t appreciate the elegant, timeless look of a Brooks saddle!? No? Ok, maybe some of the youngsters look at them now and think they look old fashioned! …..But wait a minute, 20 years ago that youngster was me, I figure I looked at them and probably thought the same thing. Is the Brooks saddle therefore something you grow to appreciate? Has it gone out of fashion, or was it ever in fashion, or has it always just been “right” usurping fashion from the start!?

Now I admit, Steve Peat’s carbon Santa Cruz V10 downhill race bike might look at little daft with a Brooks saddle, at least the classic B17N, but what about a White Team Pro CMWC Tokyo? Still can’t see it, not even with titanium rails, maybe some Troy Lee Designs on the upholstery!? …..No, perhaps not! In all honesty, Brooks saddles aren’t designed to stand up to the dirt and wet that mountain biking walks hand in hand with, it would probably be considered sacrilegious by those who hold the West Midlands company close to their hearts!

Ok, so forget mountain bikers, even cyclo-cross riders, and let’s
concentrate firmly on the roadie, commuter, tourer and the out and out fixed up hipster! Who of these considers a Brooks saddle as their push iron’s upholstery these days? Your tourer’s are probably made up of the old school riders who grew up with them, commuters just buy whatever the local bike shop tells them to buy, and the fixed up hipster? I dunno, I ride a fixie, but I don’t wear tight jeans, so am unqualified to comment! I guess if Brook’s saddles ever did come under the term “fashion accessory”, this crowd maybe the one to adorn that title! That leaves the roadie…. If I had enough money, I would have one on my road bike as well, once you have beaten it into submission and made it the same shape as your ass, it is the comfiest thing you will ever throw your leg over, well, errrrr……. Anyway, when was the last time you saw one on an out and out racer?

….Now there is a rare sight! I guess even a Ti Swift weighs considerably
more than the razor blades they sit on for the big tour races these days
(Anyone remember the Yellow Pages advert from the 80’s!?) ……and I guess every gram counts.

Still, as far as comfort goes, I still don’t think anything can touch it, they may not be cheap, and eBay may be littered with second hand examples that in some cases can demand almost as much as their brand new counterparts, but I think it is money very well speant! When I next have some spare pennies lying around in the bottom of my piggy bank, I will invest in another for the racer, maybe with titanium rails, hmmmmmmm????


Buy British folks!

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