A Lazy weekend in Wales

Ok, so you might be thinking it’s about time I got out on a mountain bike now…..? I just got back from a weekend in Wales, and being surrounded by the mountains got me thinking the same way! It’s been four months
now, during which time I have probably covered somewhere between three and four hundred miles, all on tarmac. It’s getting cold though now, my collarbone aches more when its cold it seems, and perhaps now I am more aware of it, I’m less inclined to go off road with it. Realistically though, it should be fully healed, if I went down on it, it should be as strong as it was before, no?

Riding to work every day, evry bend and turn, it’s there, at the fore front of my mind, not going down, and if I do, what to do with my arms to lessen the possibility of breakage! I was intrigued, so like any sensible intrigue (I know that’s not really a word!), I googled it! That led me to this article which confirmed what I already knew, don’t stick your arm out to break your fall, it’s a sure fire way to break your collarbone……..tuck and roll! Or as was guy suggest the floppy rag doll!

The counter to this argument is that you don’t have time during a crash to make an informed decision about how you are going to deal with
it, instinct takes over, and a common instinct is to stick out your arm.
Funnily enough though, last year I went down on some ice, the front wheel disappeared from under me, and my temple connected with the kerb before I even knew what was happening, luckily I was wearing a lid, I always do….. But did I not have time to put my arm out, or is it not my instinct to do so? I dunno! I don’t know if the reason I broke my collar bone in June is because I put my arm out, or because my mate landed on me, also fracturing my skull….. He doesn’t know either!

To be honest, I don’t really want to find out either, for doing so would require a crash, and possibly another broken collarbone, and I know
for real, I REALLY don’t want that again! I think I can safely say, it is the
most painful injury I have ever had! Funny when you think about it, a fractured skull doesn’t really manifest itself as pain, not in that way anyway. When I fracture a couple of vertebrae many years ago, I don’t really remember that being particularly painful, and yet on paper they are both quite serious injuries, whereas the collarbone……hardly life threatening is it!?

Anyway, yeah, Wales was lovely!!

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