Top day on the Raven

Alright, it was last September i rode up at Brechfa (Abergorlech) with Phil, and if you remember, i kinda got it a little wrong! So today, i was keen to keep it two wheels down, and with Rob on board, ridden more in my own style!

We’ve ridden the Raven once before and it was less than impressive, although clearly unfinished, and we had all heard good things about it since, so expectations where high! When we arrived in the car park, Phil was sat in his camper van, with a brew and his feet up, eminating the “lap-o-luxury”!

The weather was damp but fair, and we set off after Rob and Phil were introduced. A good climb got us breathing hard, we are all reasonably fit, and we set a good pace. After a trip down (up) memory lane, it was time for the first descent, much fun!

I arrived at the bottom first and got ready with the camera and waited…. and waited…… and waited. I was about to start walking back up but then i heard the clatter of bikes…. Phil had had an off this time! Nowt serious, no injury but missing a few spokes!

We carried on with the trail, onto the sections that had previously been unrideable, but that now where sculpted in only the way that Sorrell knows how! Brilliant!

Well worth a visit!

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