Another month passes…..

…..without a weekend of fun! (Ok, not strictly speaking true, i did get a blast on the Raven!)

I think it’s time to finally admit that becoming a father has had an effect on my riding, not so much in the way i ride simply how often. The crazy thing though, and what i didn’t expect, is that I’m not missing it, not the way i thought i might anyway. I guess i just make the most of it when i can now, but to be brutally honest, my ethos now is, come the weekend, one day for family, the other day for whatever else, and whilst riding is the top of my “whatever else” list, there is also DIY that needs attending to, allotment time, and whilst it’s a way off to the growing season, there is still prep work that can be done over there.

Yup, i just don’t ride the mountain bikes as often any more, but hey, that’s cool! I still get a two wheeled fix most days riding to work, perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, riding in traffic down the busiest bus route in Europe, but to me, it’s riding a bike! For sure, being up in the hills on a sunny afternoon with mates and stunning views in every direction is preferable, just being on a bike is better than not being in my book!

So i guess what I’m saying, is that I’m happy, I’ve given up some of that time in the saddle to spend with my daughter, and believe me, it aint a sacrifice! My priorities have shifted is all, i can almost see now why Paul disappeared of the radar! Though that said, I’m sure i can always find time for the odd blast!

I reckon once the nights get a little lighter, and the weather warms up a bit, and i start getting more sleep at night (yeah, ok, so there’s that as ell!) I’ll be well up for getting back out on the bikes, but for now, praying for no ice and commuting is as good as it gets! Could do with a fix soon though!

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