Ill, ill, ill……..

NOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo….. Another month missed! 😦

No one told me that having a baby meant I’d be ill all the time?! So there it is, another month has passed without a ride, this is poor, very, very poor! In fact i can’t actually remember the last time i road a mountainbike? Fair enough, giving up time to spend with your daughter is one thing, but i’ve been struck down with illness for almost all of this month, what’s up with that? I NEVER get ill, ever!? Once a year, normally around October time, i tend to get a bug, something that knocks me on my back for 24 hours, and then ususally within 48 hours i’m completely back to normal, but even that said, the last couple of years i’ve had nothing! Now though, i seem to catch my daughter’s cold, which she then catches back, where she mutates it a little and gives me it back, and the cycle continues! She’s a germ magnet, and she’s not even started nursery yet, they tell me it’s onlt going to get worse!

As much as i love her, i could do without the perpetual illness…. perhaps the fact that we, as a family, are all so tired, lacking in sleep and so on that makes us more susceptible. I’m not sure how i would cope with a full blown XC ride in the cold and the wet, it may just finish me off, but the way i’m feeling, i’ve not even thrown my leg over the fixie for a fortnight! 😦

Note to self……. VITAMIN C!

Surely this can’t last forever, i was hoping she may have inherited my constitution and resistence to illness, time will tell i guess! Anyway, it doesn’t give me a right lot to talk about, other than more illnes whingeing, so i guess i’ll leave it there, and cross my fingers that i get out on any bike, any time soon! Roll on the Summer….. or even Spring for that matter! Oh wait, did someone say it was the end of March!? 😉

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