Skiddaw DH

I have been up in the Lakes this week with the P.E. department where I work, they need a driver for the van, tough life I know, getting paid to camp at Coniston for 3 days, and call it work!

Being as I have had so much time on my hands, I’ve been thinking, and remembered a trail that one of my riding buddies suggested, the Skiddaw Down Hill, described as the longest, maddest DH in the UK. The walk up is a killer though, a proper slog, I remember doing it as a young boy with my Dad. If you ask a child to draw a picture of a big hill, Skiddaw is technically what they draw!

Here are some directions I found:

From Keswick Town Centre, head north over the river bridge and take the first Right. After about 1/2 mile, take the road to the right (before a petrol station) and continue up it for about 100 yards. Park on side of road. Start of trail is a unmettalled road on the left.

And a description of the route itself, sounds pretty epic!

The only way to get to the start is up, up and up some more (2745 feet) and will take 2 hours plus, but it really is worth the effort – all other downhills pale in insignificance. Before starting, make sure you take enough clothing, it may be a warm day at the bottom but it is usually pretty arctic at the summit.

The bottom part of the climb around and up Latrigg is rideable if you’re determined. Follow the dirt bridleway up for about 1.5 miles until you reach the main car park for Skiddaw. When you get to the car park, the gate you need to take is in the top right hand corner. Turn left through the gate and follow the bridleway through the fields. Where the field opens up, turn left and follow the main bridleway up Jenkin Hill (the big bugger in front of you). Once again, the bridleway at the top of Jenkin Hill is rideable, and can be ridden for the next mile. Follow this around Little Man, through the gate and up to the summit. When there, simply turn (after a rest, of course) and ride back down.

The descent splits into four very different sections:
1. The initial descent to the first gate is silly fast,
2. The next part being quite pedally with some excellent drop-offs, evil ruts and a chance to build up some good speed for…
3. The descent from hell – Jenkin Hill is big, rocky, VERY steep, gnarly, uncontrollably fast and scary.
4. The last part of the descent is round Latrigg, on the swoopy dirt bridleway through the woods. Although fast and in places rocky, this seems relaxing after Skiddaw, but is really enjoyable.
Once you’re back at the start and hopefully in one piece, I guarantee that you will be buzzing like mad from the adrenaline buzz and planning your next trip.

Sounds good to me!!! Where do i sign!?


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