17 Ways To Unstick a Seatpost! (cntd)

Last ditch attempt = WIN!

SO…… If you want to know how to remove a seized seatpost, jump straight to SB’s (God rest his soul) suggestion 8!

With the frame inverted in the vice again, i strapped to freezer packs to the top (bottom now we’re inverted) of the seatpost, and started warming the frame from the BB up (down!) with a paint stripper. I kept touching the point at which the post enters the frame feeling for the cold to work it’s way up the post and the heat to work it’s way down the frame.

Once the temperature differential was almost touching, i gave the frame a heave…… Nothing…… *sad face* 😦

…….another heave…….. CRACK! It moved! I thought something had snapped! Another heave……. Creak! The more i worked it, the easier it got, but it still took twenty minutes to work the frame off the post!

With a little time and a file, i even managed to rescue the post, and it is all back together and greased! Bike assembled and serviced…… Lesson learned? Store the seats out of the frames from now on!

……Now i need to work out why the fork leaks oil when the bike is inverted? Probably as a result of the crash last September 😦

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