Communal Bike Pumps Installed In London

Check out this feature, i would love to see other cities around the UK introduce these, what a great idea!

The phenomenal growth of cycling in the capital continues apace with the installation of two municipal bike pumps in the City of London.

The stainless steel bollards can be found in car parks in Queen Victoria Street and London Wall. They’re designed by Cycle Hoop, the innovative company who recently patented these clever cycle locking devices. The firm hopes that councils beyond the City will install the hand-operated pumps throughout London.

The experimental street furniture comes as press reports suggest that cycling has overtaken car use in the City of London during rush hour. (We can’t find the original report on either TfL or the City of London Corporation’s website, however.)

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2 Responses to Communal Bike Pumps Installed In London

  1. Chris Knowles says:

    Great blog, great article, i live in London, will be keeping my eyes peeled for one of these!


  2. Martyn Bratt says:

    Cool, post back when you find one and let me know what you think!


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