Wrong bikes!

Llandegla, yeah, you know it, mentioned it a few times aint i?! Mated have been banging on recently about getting up there and “hitting the new DH course”, I’m like “sure”. Always up for some DH, and if it’s as sculpted as everything else up there, it should be a riot, no!?

So three of us arrange to meet up there around 11 yesterday, Jimbo stayed over ours the night before to break up the drive, and we had a few whiskies!! LOL 😉

I’d sent Jimbo a message on Saturday questioning the DH course, there was no mention of it on the website, and the video i’d looked at on Friday was more like a pump track, but with huge doubles. And funnily enough, the only mention on the ‘Degla website was of a new Free-ride track….

So we rock up to the car park, full of Audi’s and On-Ones as usual, and struggle to find a park, cos it’s late by XC standards…. Anyway, we kit up, i decide i aint wearing armour using the heat of the day as an excuse, it’s 28 degrees, Jimbo concurs, and we make our way up to the new track…

At the start of the track, there are a couple of lads on hardtails, they nod, and one takes off as we step up. He swings a huge whip on the first table top and disappears pretty rapid!

Freeride TrackPhoto by Laurence Crossman-Emms (www.laurence-ce.com)

Rob sets off and i follow, straight away i realise that the track aint really steep enough for a 40lb+ bike, and launch the first table top, short land, and back on the gas into some nice berms setting you up for the big double i watched on the video clip. First run, roll obviously, then back on the gas to try and develop some pace for the middle section which has more nice little tables, rollers and kickers, but there is now way I’m getting this big bike up to anything approaching a useable speed, my lungs are burning and my legs are throbbing….. At the bottom, we all look at each other, and silently acknowledge, “we brought the wrong bikes”!

We gave it another go, but there was no way i was carrying enough speed for the double, even if my bravado was up for it, and at the bottom, we called it and went for a brew!

Rob went home, me and Jimbo decided to hit out on the red route, with no water or sun cream, on big bikes! Yeah, you get it…… Still, the new black section at Parallel Universe was a lot of fun on big bikes!

The flies got the better of us, and we used a combination of fireroad and blue trail to beat the quickest exit we could, finishing up at the log cabin for burger lunch!

It was cool man, i liked it!

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