Gettin on boad with Le Tour!

So my wife and i finally got around to watching the highlights of le Tour on ITV4+1 just now. Year after year i’ve been meaning to fully immerse myself in the tour, the was i did back in my teens and early twenties, but for one reason and another, every year, it’s over before i know it! ……not this year! Ok, i’ve missed the first four stages, but have been quietly aware what is going on, though Twitter and the daily email banter amongst mates who are running a sweep stake on how many stages Cav will take this year!

Nothing can compensate though, for watching to highlights, the excitement tonight as a pair of Frenchman fought off the power of the peloton up until the kilometers were in single figures, my wife was on the edge of her seat! It was a great example of what big tour cycling is all about, and she’s hooked! Which is great news for me, it’s suddenly a family show!!

I would imagine my blog is probably going to be pretty much TDF content for the next two and a half weeks, with some articles re-posted explaining the intricacies of the team tactics, for those of you who don’t understand them , or if like me, you need a refresher! Explaining the jerseys i was a little rusty, this page here will clear up any questions you may have. But i was a little surprised to see the maillot à pois rouges already on the shoulders of a rider, we’re not even in the mountains yet……?

Anyway, keep your eye on Wiggins, he’s starting as a big contender this year!

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