Stage 19 of the Tour de France 2011 – the results are in!

Funny how people jump ship when the role of underdog is passed around! Voeckler already a fading memory for some as Evans starts the individual time trial with 57 seconds to pull out of Shleck…..

And guess what!?

 He didn’t just do it, he absolutely annihilated the Shlecks!

After years of underachieving – although a World Championship in 2009 briefly silencing his critics – and injuries have blighted his path, it is now virtually impossible for him to lose the Tour.

“The first time I took the yellow jersey in 2008, I’d been lying in a gutter after a bad crash the day before and I was in the middle of the Pyrenees. It didn’t seem possible I was going to make it,” Evans recalled.

“This time, though, we’re a lot closer to Paris.”

Barring any last-minute disaster, Cadel Evans will be crowned Australia’s first Tour de France winner today in Paris after the 34-year-old former mountain biker’s outstanding performance in yesterdays time trial.

Lets not forget Voeckler though, wh0 didn’t give up, and posted a very respectable time, along with Contador who was clearly out to close the deficit rather than just rolling the route.

Can’t wait to see the Champs Elysee this arvo! 🙂


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4 Responses to Stage 19 of the Tour de France 2011 – the results are in!

  1. Cath Davies says:

    Go Cadel!! So glad the Schleck’s didn’t get it. It’s as if there are two of them that they gang up on the rest of the field.


  2. Passer by says:

    I don’t commonly comment but I gotta tell regards for the post on this amazing one : D.


  3. Martyn Bratt says:

    Thanks! Glad you like!


  4. Jeffrey Howes says:

    Great stage, great article, keep up the good writing 🙂


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