New cycling computer from Aldi

So, now the tour is over, I feel almost empty inside, I can’t remember life before the big race! I had a wedding anniversary in there somewhere as well, only kidding, obviously a far more important day!

So I was in Aldi last night, picking up a chicken for dinner, and I turned the corner to find baskets full of cycling jumble! And amongst it all were cycling computers, not that I was really after one, but I picked one up and had a look at the box, and it was a heart rate monitor as well! You may remember I wrote a post about getting into heart rate data last year, and Ihave been keeping a spreadsheet ever since. It has been interesting to say the least, anyway, I digress!

So it measures heart rate, and therefore calories burnt, it’s a speedo and a stopwatch, but it also measure exact riding time, so when stopped at lights it doesn’t count, meaning I can start getting some accurate time data. All this for the princely sum of £13.95!? Brilliant! It works a treat, in fact I’m tempted to stop in on the way home and buy another for the racer. It is set up to be able to transfer between two bikes, but looking on the manufacturers web site, all the mounting kit will cost me the same as the full pack! I forgot to mention, it’s wireless as well, so now untidy wires.

Go and get yourself one, forget your four hundred quid Garmins!!! I’m glad I did!

Here’s the manufacturers web site, for those of you that speak German!!

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2 Responses to New cycling computer from Aldi

  1. Beth Maria says:

    Sounds like a good deal, i wonder if they have any left!?


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