You’ve got to love German engineering!

Loving the new computer, much better having the watch as the data is right their in front of you, so you can react to it. I was thinking on the way home last night that it would be better mounted on the stem rather than the handle bar, just a bit more out of the way, but I had already looked at the mount and found it couldn’t mount that way. It essentially uses a rubber O-ring pulled tight round the bars and hooks over two seats. Sure, you can mount the base plate across your stem, but the computer only clips in one direction and you end up with the computer at 90 degrees!

When I looked a little closer in the workshop last night, I noticed that the bracket is screwed to the base plate with 4 small self tappers, and that there was provision for rotating it 90 degrees! It’s this level of detail that sets the Germans aside from all others when it comes to engineering, and on a product that retails for less than £14! Fantastic!

So this morning, I rode in with the computer mounted on the stem, only to find that the angle it was now at made it impossible to read the data!! Best laid plans! Tonight I will be revisiting plan A, although I picked up another one after work yesterday for the racer, so I may try it on the stem on that bike and see how that works out! Hadn’t realised until I went back that they had them in Black as well as Silver, so got me a black one as well, the Silver is backup! So it’s set up now for use with both bikes, and I reckon I’ve almost got to grips with the menu system and the rather poor instructions! If you do by one, prepare to be patient!!

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2 Responses to You’ve got to love German engineering!

  1. Onone says:

    Really like your cycle computer review, shame about the rotation, Aldi’s actually doing some other cheap cycling gear which looks okay for communting as it would be pretty cheap to replace as well…


    • Martyn Bratt says:

      Yeah, it’s back to where it started on the handlebars now, but is much more readable as a result. Will be interesting to see how it works out on the racer. Forgot to mention, you can program a service reminder for each bike as well, so at 500 miles i get a spanner logo as a service reminder! Like owning a German car!!!


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