What a beautiful blue sky morning!

I don’t know why you would want to sit in a car on a morning like this!? It’s an absolute pleasure riding to work on a day like today! I should have dragged the Parkes out….

…..but I have got to used to riding with the panniers, and the thought of donning a rucksack on such a hot day puts me right off.

I could do with getting a proper messenger style bag, not for the look i hasten to add, but they sit lower on your back, and i suspect may be more comfortable.

Any thoughts??

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4 Responses to What a beautiful blue sky morning!

  1. Dan says:

    Been riding rucksacked up for a decade or so now. No problems whatsoever. But then I don’t know any different. This morning = full set of clothes, towel, shower gel, laptop, tools, etc…


  2. Martyn Bratt says:

    I’ve actually been looking at the Chrome range of bags, and to be honest, they cover as much of your back as a regular rucksack!


  3. JB says:

    I suppose it depends on the car you’re driving….. but yeah, nice day for a ride!


    • Martyn Bratt says:

      LOL, i think you are probably right! It’s another blue sky morning, perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad sat in a nice classic convertible with some good tunes on the wireless………? Nah, 2 wheels is the way!


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