Ambidextrous fixie skids

I have come to the conclusion, that these aren’t for me! Let me back pedal slightly, pardon the pun.

A few weeks ago I looked up “fixie skid patches” on google, to find out how my tyre will be wearing. I ended up with this chart:

And rather typically of my luck, running a 78.8″ gear across a 48 x 16 setup, I get 1 skid patch! Looking at the chart, I think the next cog I buy will be a 17t!

Anyway, this prompted me to start trying to break with the other leg, using the opposite side of the wheel, but it just feels wrong, on the same level as a gentleman dressing on the wrong side! Do you get what i mean!? Kinda like eating your dinner with your fork in your right hand and knife in your left! I’m sure I could force myself, but, well……. I think i’m happy where I am!

I think I will just slacken the drive train and rotate the wheel relative to the cranks every few hundred miles instead to try and balance the wear for now! When your rubber is in the region of £25 a pop, ripping a hole in it seems a bit criminal…. The drivetrain is going to come under scrutiny for riding the coast to coast in September, so maybe after that, I’ll switch back to a commuter gear of 48×17, it does lose me 4.6 inches though…..

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