Weekends without!

So I guess you may be thinking my lack of posting over the weekend could be because I was out ripping up some wicked single track in the glorious sunshine, or munching some miles on the sunbaked tarmac? Well, you’d be wrong, I’ ve speant the weekend shovelling earth, and not for the benefit of a dirt jump or downhill track, landscaping my front garden!

Just clocked a Tweet from Boneshaker, a cool photo from the London Open Bike Polo event yesterday:

At least some of you were out enjoying the weather on two wheels! Not something I’ve ever fancied trying, bike polo, perhaps I’m missing out? Does look pretty cool!

I feel a storm brewing, it was very warm riding in this morning, 23 degrres at 6:30am, that’s not like Manchester! The traffic seemed lethargic as a result, I was sweating before I got to the main road, y’know I’m not one for complaining about the weather!

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