Wearer trial for DARE2b

A couple of years ago, a few of us were asked if we’d participate in a wearer trial for Dare2b, who were trying to break into the cycling apparel market. I agreed and was presented with a jersey, a waterproof jacket and a pair of shorts.

I have to be honest, I wasn’t massively impressed, the jacket was flimsy, and in no way breathable, the jersey was just a plain green jersey that didn’t match any of my other kit, and the shorts were running shorts! (They have had the most use, and have actually been ok) I thought nothing more of it.

When we were up watching the World Cup at Fort Bill last June, I was rather surprised to find a large portion of the track side advertising was Dare2b, and I thought to myself then, “fair play, they’re still going at it hard!”

Then out of the blue the other week, I got an email from them asking if I would be willing to participate in another wearer trial. Never knock a gift horse and all that, two days later a parcel arrived, and in it was a pretty funky looking jacket:

I was pretty blown away with it on first impressions, It feels high quality, more in line with the old North Face jacket I relegated to dirt duties, but unlike the North Face jacket, this is cut with the rider in mind; A longer back, long arms, and the hood detail is excellent, with a toggle clutch on the back of the head to adjust wear the peak lies on your forehead. Some may argue that a biking jacket doesn’t need a hood, but I disagree, it’s nice to have the option if you are stopped for any reason and you take your head kettle off!

Two zipped pockets in the usual places, perhaps it would be nice to see some stow pockets on the base of the back and on one of the sleeves. One of the side pockets also doubles as the jacket’s stow pouch with a belt strap to carry it. I haven’t tried it, as I would tend to carry it in my camelback along with tools, as would most serious off roaders.

It’s not seen any real dirt action yet, it almost seems to nice to get dirty, I love the strange camo design! It has been out on the commuter though, and whilst it may not perform quite as well as Gore Tex, it aint half bad!

8 out of 10 here guys!

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