Coast to Coast – Day 3 = 45 miles

Today was supposed to be the easy day – epic fail! 😉

Not a great night’s sleep last night, the wind howled and I woke some time after 4am, and never got back to sleep. Was pretty grumpy over breakfast, but the old girl made me smile! Talking about an old chap who does the C2C every year, same time, and every year he books the B&B the same day for the following year, she rolled her eyes!

After breakfast, I went and swapped in some new brake pads, the descent of Tan Hill had all but finished them off!

We left as the heavens opened, I got round the corner and thought my steering felt odd…… The front tyre was almost flat, obviously picked something up yesterday. I didn’t fancy doing a change, so i pumped it up and decided to see how it got on.

The rain eased and we headed northwest to skirt the lower edge of the hillside, and we were soon on a comfortable pace, a little more relaxed than yesterdays!

Whichever way we looked at it though, we had to get up onto the Moors, and it soon became apparent where the saying “Up hill and down dale” comes from. What we thought was going to be a pretty chilled day was unfolding into a roller-coaster of short but very steep 25% and 1 in 3 climbs, each pecking away at our already low energy stores!

A little departure from the road on a rough track saved us from another climb, but slowed the pace a little.

Stopping for a packet of wine gums was another of the days highlights!

We passed through, Grosmont which is always a pleasure and pushed up the hill, another steep one, i remember it well from walking it, but fortunately we didn’t have to push up onto the top like the last time.

From here, I could vaguely picture the rest of our route into Robin Hoods Bay from having stayed here a few years ago and driven the route a few times, I wonder if perhaps it gave my a slight psychological advantage over the remaining climbs, where at times I opened small gaps, Rob commenting that he was knackered and taking it easy. Seeing Filey and Whitby Abbey was a further boost.

I found renewed vigor as we got nearer, winding as much momentum into every descent to carry as much as I could up each subsequent climb, literally locked in that psychological zone, I don’t know where the power in my legs was coming from!? Maybe that carb loading paid off!?

At the top of the descent into Robin Hoods Bay, i knew my job was done, and I waited for the three of us to regroup so we could ride into town together, which we did 🙂

And we followed tradition and finished in the sea with our bikes! 185miles!

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