“Broke wrist” corner claims another victim!

So some of the boys were up at Hayfield on Saturday morning, where Dan bust his wrist last February, I got this email yesterday;

“Went up on Saturday with Risdon and his mate Dean.”

“Despite being warned, Dean carried too much speed in to the bend and crashed.”

“At the bottom we were checking his bike over when he goes “What’s that on
my brake?” and pulled off this pink hairy thing.”

“That’s right, a bolt head had cored his kneecap.”


“When it still hadn’t stopped bleeding after 6 hours he went to get stitches.”

Very tasty, it’s growing in notoriety that corner!

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2 Responses to “Broke wrist” corner claims another victim!

  1. Jimbo says:

    Nice, got any pics!?


  2. OnOne says:

    Dry it out for a tasty snack…


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