Cycling and photography meet at the top of their games


Reporter Miles Warde follows photographer Geoff Waugh during this year’s Tour De France. It’s the last stage in the Alps, on the twenty one bends of Alpe d’Huez, and Geoff Waugh has to find the best place to stand. Cycling photography is notoriously difficult – unlike most sports, the action is not contained to a stadium but spread out along a course over a hundred kilometres long. Geoff describes in gripping detail what it is like to hang off the back of a motorbike, large lenses flapping around, while following the race. We hear from the sun-crazed fans lining the course, and also capture Geoff at work as the main contenders, including Alberto Contador, come past. “It’s arms, legs, flags, motorbikes, noise, burning clutches – 250th of a second snippets.”.

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