The hour has now fallen with the leaves

I think we were rather spoiled this year, forget the kid’s complaints that it was “another rubbish summer”, there is more to summer than that six-week window when the schools are closed! Casting my mind back, I can count on one hand the number of times I got wet riding to, or from work since the beginning of the season. Or perhaps I am looking through rose-tinted glasses!?

It is mid-November, and the temperatures are still clement, aided by warm air being sucked up from the continent. I only went long sleeves 4 weeks ago, and even now, there are days when I feel a little over dressed. The tights are still stuffed in the back of the wardrobe somewhere, I have seen one frost?!

I read another blog the other day by Claire Beaumont from Condor Cycles, an article aptly titled Cold Comfort, and I found myself nodding in agreement with her the more I read. On reflection though, there has been none of that this Autumn, the weather has been pretty consistently mild, which on the back of a lovely dry end to the summer, has made the commute to work a pleasure, even since the hour changed and the evenings have drawn in from the other end of the day to meet with the increasingly darker mornings.

It’s a pity I have had no time to ride MTB throughout it all, roll on this weekend! I have downed tools for the year, it’s two wheels from here on in!

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