First time back on a dirt bike for months!

Was great to get out with the boys on Saturday for a ride up in the Peak, the old classic Three Shires Head route. Supposedly to celebrate my birthday, but for me, I was celebrating the end (for this year) of DIY duties! Sadly Jimbo was away, but Si joined us, great to see him, and a couple new to the crowd Risdon and his mate Dean. It was a good-sized group, unfortunately reduced in size rather too early when Si’s seatpin bolt sheered.

Unfortunately, I’m not fully over a rather intense bout of sickness and diarrhoea, and all week commuting the lack of strength in my legs has been apparent. I wasn’t going to let that stop me hitting out on Saturday though, but it came and bit me on the ass early in the ride. The first climb out of Wildboarclough, wasn’t too bad, but the next big climb through the forest up to the top of Charity Lane hurt like hell. Even on the descent of Charity Lane I was struggling to wind any real pace into the bike. The climb from the bottom of Charity Lane to the Cat & Fiddle ended me. By this point I had spent most of the ride on my own at the back, somewhere I’m usually unfamiliar with these days, but I remember well! After we traversed across the top, and I caught the rest of the group up, I dropped the bomb, “I’m done, I’m heading back”…… “No, I don’t think a banana will fix this, but thanks anyway!”

I guess the fact that Si was sitting in a car park waiting for us might have helped swing the majority decision, but the whole group decided to call it a day, and we skipped Three Shires Head, and headed back to the car park….. Rinsed!

Was good to be out though! 😉

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