The Rattlebone Sidehack

Boneshaker magazine ran an article on this concept of sidehack’s in their latest issue. I’d never even heard of it, no great wonder having read the article, it’s very State-side. A small community have made space for it on British shores down in Bristol though. Could only be Bristol, couldn’t it…..!….?….. Love that place!

Get the latest copy of Boneshaker here, it’s great! Fantastic article about a girl and her “ordinary” cycle to!

SN Designs are sole producers and distributors of the Rattlebone sidehack. A bolt on sidecar designed to fit the most common BMX frame geometries.

BMX sidehacking is not a new idea; it was popular in the United States in the 1970’s and 80’s but never really became a headline sport in the U.K. due to a lack of commercial parts. Sidehacking is now seeing a resurgence in the USA and SN Designs have brought the concept to the UK with their unique sidehack design. This is not a retro hack, but a new concept designed from the ground up to provide a lightweight, fast, machine, which fits todays complex frame geometries.

The current Rattlebone is the MKIII which represents the final evolution of the design. It comes with a 20? multispoke wheel and can be provided in a variety of finishes. The simple mounting system uses one nut and one bolt to hold the assembly to the bike frame.

The frame is made from carbon steel , seam welded, with a laser cut aluminium tread plate for the sidecar rider. The bolt-on feature allows a rider to use a single bike for solo and sidehack racing, whilst helping with transport needs too.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or BUY NOW via Paypal from our product page.

The Rattlebone Sidehack is a Registered Design 4021568 2011

“We took it to one of the local tracks yesterday and rode the wheels off it and it didn’t falter, we pumped the rhythm section, railed the berms and even got a little bit of air over some of the whoops, its such a blast” – DC Hackers

The guys at SN-Designs are also lobbying British cycling to get “Sidehacking” recognised, so good luck with that guys. Boneshaker also made reference to them displaying the discipline around the Olympics 2012.

The writeup points out the level of teamwork required to ride such a machine, unlike that of any other cycling discipline such as team pursuit riding, this requires a real physical and mental connection between Pilot and Monkey….! Yup, you read that right, the names given to the cranker and his/her companion! For some more information, and further reference to SN-Designs, check out this link.

I hope to hear more about this in the future, it looks a gas!

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