Can you have too many bikes!?

I officially have too many bikes!

The BB let go on the Sirius last night, and it’s gonna be the weekend before I get a chance to pull it to bits….

As I parked her up in the workshop last night, I was left pondering whether to fit the DMR tarmac tyres to the On-One or not, where are my lights, need to transfer everything to a rucksack…..etc.

BALLS to it….. It was too cold last night for all that….. I’ll drive!

1hr and 20 minutes it has just taken me!

Y’know what really bites though? It wasn’t until 40 minutes in to my journey that I remembered I have the Secteur! A road bike that I have probably ridden less than 10 times! I actually forgot I owned a bike!

Back on it tomorrow! Gutted, it’s a lovely morning for riding as well ?

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