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Rapha Cityscopes

By Joe Hall • 15th May 2012 04:53pm • Posted in Events

CityscopesPhotography Competition

The city can make for fascinating viewing. At times beautiful, ugly, seedy, sublime and ridiculous. Every street, building and person has a story. And this story is best discovered by bicycle.

The city rider’s journey can be as perilous as it is rewarding but we all know those moments when the evening ride home gives you that scintillating feeling. A view across a bridge or down a tree-lined street, the twinkling lights at night or the morning mist lifting. The art of city riding is as visual as it is physical.

Over the next two weeks, we want you to stop (or not) and document the world you encounter whilst riding in the city. It might be the downtown skyline, a man walking his dog, chewing gum stains forming an effigy of Fausto Coppi or a freshly demolished tower block. Whatever the view, if you think it’s worth capturing through a lens, take it. Then submit it to our Cityscopes photography competition. If you perceive it to have visual beauty, or to tell a story, we want to see it.

Simply post your photo on Twitter, Instagram, or Flickr along with the following hashtags: 

#cityscopes, your #city or #town, and if you wish, #cycling

Example (by J. Dunn) :

Wentworth – 19.30hrs #cityscopes #portland #pdx #cycling

We will select a gallery of the best submissions and put them to the public vote. Prizes to be announced. Bonne route!

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