Palek Paneer

Palek Paneer

Fry one large finely chopped onion in adequate butter/ghee(I like a lot) until translucent.

Add two heaped tsp minced garlic, one heaped tsp minced ginger, half tsp tumeric powder and 2 tsp chilli powder and fry a few minutes.

Add one large or two medium chopped tomatoes and fry until the tomatoe breaks down into a paste with the other ingredients and fat starts to seperate.

Add precooked chopped or frozen spinach, about 500g and a little water and cook it until melted if frozen and well combined with the other ingredients.

Add 2 tsp garam masala, salt to taste and half a cup of cream, i also like to add about a tbsp of lime juice(sub lemon or tamarind paste) for a slight but pleasant tang.

Once combined and starting to bubble I blend it with a stick mixer as the easiest low dishes option, you could preblend the spinach in a blender before adding. If it is too thick add some water or cream to thin it.

Now add about 500g cubed(2cm cubes or whatever you prefer) paneer and let it simmer for a few minutes until the paneer is heated through.

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