Welcome to my site, I hope you enjoy your stay.

I am just your regular guy, I like bikes, no, I love bikes, riding them, tinkering with them, just looking at them! Recycling is also important to me, both in the way I approach my love for bikes and life in general. I like photography, playing with light, the feel of the camera in my hand in all it’s technical glory. I’m hoping evidence of these traits will become apparent in this blog.

On the 26th of June 2009, I had a little accident, I wont go into the details, they can be found at the beginning of my blog if you wish to know them. The result was a brain trauma….

My neurology consultant suggested that I do something to stimulate my brain, following its trauma, something I haven’t really done before, so that it’s not memory I’m stimulating, something altogether new. Being as I work with computers on a daily basis, I have never really been
involved with websites, blogging or anything like that, so I thought “why not”, I’ll be learning something new, and it gives me a silent crowd to mumble at. Perhaps writing down my thoughts on here, in much the same way I kept a journal whilst I was away travelling, might help me to make sense of everything…..? Or maybe not! Perhaps it will make a good platform to rant from about the daily grind, more likely though, the motorists who make my daily commute into work on the push iron more like running a gauntlet! Either way, it could be an interesting experiment!